Vacuflo – centralized vacuum system

Central vacuum cleaners VACUFLO® and VROOM ™ are manufactured by US company H-P Products that has its headquarters in Louisville, Ohio. This enterprise, being a pioneer in the industry, introduced its first built-in vacuum cleaner to the American market as early as in 1955.

While creating this innovative solution, H-P Products had one main priority as an aim – to make the process of taking care of the house easier, faster and more comfortable. Their centralized vacuum system turned out to be revolutionary, as it included, among other things, PCV pipes and automatic suction sockets. It has been constantly improved and nowadays it is highly appreciated by clients worldwide.

Built in vacuum cleaner

Central vacuum system is a modern alternative to the traditional, portable vacuum cleaners. It can be used in houses and apartments, both newly built and already existing ones. Thanks to it, you do not have to carry any equipment with you all over the place, but just conveniently take out the hose in a chosen area and start your work. What is more, this solution is amazingly quiet, so it will be perfect for families with babies, pet owners and not only. It is also strongly recommended for people with allergies, as it can get rid of all the dust and other contamination very effectively. Our built-in vacuum system has a very capacious container for impurities, thus you do not have to empty it often, but just once in 4-8 months. The hose is made of PCV, so it is surprisingly light and comfortable to use. Order our products and find out how easy cleaning can be!

Filtration CFT

Our built-in vacuum system is based on a cyclonic technique with CFT™ filtration phases and for separating the contamination from the swirling air, the method of an inverted tornado is applied. The air which is absorbed while cleaning is spun in the central unit and then sent downwards.

System installation

Our company will provide you with professional central vacuum system installation at a reasonable price. It does not take too much time, as we hire skilful and experienced specialists, who have successfully mounted such an equipment many times already. We will help you to decide about the arrangement of suction sockets and other aspects.

Central vacuum power unit

Our company allows you to purchase the central vacuum power unit only as well, if there is such a need. This device is constantly developed and improved, therefore, after few years, you can find a more modern version of the equipment. There are always many different variants to choose from, so that you could find a product perfectly adapted to your individual needs.

Partner zone

Zone partner is intended for cooperating with the company Vacuflo and provides access to technical documentation and research necessary in business. You from all current price lists. In order to obtain the password to access the area, please contact us at the Marketing Department Vacuflo:


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