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Central vacuum cleaners VACUFLO® and ELEMENT ™ are manufactured by US company H-P Products, having its headquarters in Louisville, Ohio, USA. The company, being a pioneer in the industry, its first central vacuum cleaner introduced to the US market as early as 1955 year.

This device had the exhaust air outside the building and do not require the use of replaceable filters and bags impurities. From the very beginning of the company’s efforts have focused mainly on the development of solutions and technologies for central vacuum systems, so that their use was more convenient and efficient. H-P Products revolutionized the industry by introducing a number of innovations and features such as automatic suction sockets, light pipes made of PVC or flexible plastic suction hoses. The desire to meet the growing demands of customers resulted in three product lines VACUFLO True Cyclonic®, ELEMENT and VACUFLO Filtered Cyclonic ™ with a complete range of accessories and kits for cleaning.

All products are manufactured and tested according to ISO 9001: 2008

The area of the company is:

  • Central Vacuum
  • Piping
    • Components and systems for pneumatic
    • Products low pressure industry
  • Products made to order
    • Very durable chassis for large trucks
    • Piping industry
    • Piping for cars

Since its introduction in 1955, the first central vacuum HP Products gained global recognition as a manufacturer of reliable and high-quality systems and devices. Currently, the company supplies its products outside the United States and Canada for almost all countries around the world, including the Polish. It is, H-P Products is currently one of the forerunners in the world of central vacuum cleaners, which introduces new technologies and products first.

Engineered Tube Bends Manufacturing Plant in Louisville, Ohio

H-P Central Vacuums Manufacturing Plant in North Canton, Ohio

Area 10 000 square meters Canton, Ohio

Products and pneumatics industry

Products bespoke

H-P Products, Inc. History:

  • 1948 – start
  • 1952 – beginning of production of the metal piping
  • 1955 – the development of the construction and launch of the first central vacuum cleaner – VACUFLO
  • 1962 – for models VACUFLO Models 26 and 28 were started production line
  • 1978 – H-P presented a lightweight, wireless hose for central vacuum system
  • 1982 – created brush Rugrat, the first turbo brush, the consequence of which was the establishment of TurboCatZoom.
  • 1995 – H-P presents two new models VACUFLO model 560 and 960.
  • 2016 – we have more than 1000 unique products and solutions every year and goes to offer more than 10 new, must-have products.

Mission Statement

We strive to make our products has always been quality and innovation that our partners offering only products of the highest level. Our mission makes everything we do in the H-P products today, determines the direction of our future. We believe in this and we are working hard to make it so.

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