The cyclonic vacuum cleaners method was used CFT ™ filtration stages, whereby separation of impurities from the swirling flow air using the principle of an inverted tornado. Sucked at the time of cleaning the air is introduced in the central unit to spin and directed downwards.

Is this a new method?

No, believe it or not was developed and patented in 1955 by H-P Products and so far is used in each flagship. Through the use of that same method, we can obtain a filtration efficiency even at the level of 97-98%.

Are there any demonstration installations where you can see this type of filtration?

Transparent tank used in most units helps us to monitor the level of pollution but can also fulfill the role of presentation. Anyone who purchases a product the company can through construction bucket observe the power filtration CFT, see creating a vortex in a container on pollution and attracted to him garbage, most manufacturers only writes about filtration cyclonic (without giving its effectiveness) – in units VACUFLO and VROOM we can see the effect in your home, or any operating system with a unit of this series.

Units Central Vacuflo True Cyclonic will use the above method of filtration thanks to the special design it is possible cleaning without the use of additional filters and bags impurities. In the case of this type of unit support is limited to emptying garbage every 7-12 months. T o what distinguishes this product from the competition is sure that after a month or a year of use, we have a constant power of the device. No zapychającego the filter also it works very favorably on the life of individuals so that we have one of the longest warranty on the market for the entire device without the need for maintenance.

In models of the Series VROOM ™ filtration hybrid, in addition to the aforementioned method, used filter ECO CLEAN made entirely of Teflon particulate arresting up to 0.3 micron. This solution eliminates the need to discharge waste air outside the building. And thanks to the use of technology CFT all contaminants migrate to the bucket and the filter captures only the smallest particles, thereby reducing operating units to a minimum. Why is this type of unit stands out from other solutions? The inlet unit is always directed from left to right and the site is located higher than the rear secondary filtration whereby the incoming impurities must overcome the break point of the filter.




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