VACUFLO Filtered Cyclonic ™

The vacuum cleaners are used in these two clearly separated from each other stages of filtration.

The first and primary means of filtration, which separates up to 98% of pollution is cyclonic filtration CFT ™. It involves the use of centrifugal force and the inertial force for the separation of impurities from the swirling flow air without additional mechanical filters.

The remaining 2-4% of minor impurities are separated on a cartridge filter, which is located just upstream of the turbine, which acts as a secondary separator. This design allows for maximum prolongation of maintenance-free operation of the filter cartridge, which is 1 year. Very high surface area filter cartridge that makes the suction performance of the vacuum cleaner is practically independent of the level of the collected dirt.

By using the transparent container to avoid contamination of the detaching inconvenient to check the level of impurities.



American motor Tangential By-Pass with separate cooling


In this unit, the method uses cyclonic filtration stages CFT ™, whereby separation of impurities from the swirling flow of air.


Captures the remaining 2-4% of minor impurities.

  • 5 year warranty on the unit Element
  • Transparent bucket for garbage, which must be emptied 3-4 times a year
  • Suction slot in the housing to allow the vacuum cleaner to clean up to the room in which the individual
Specifications Filtered Cyclonic®
MODEL FC310 FC500/570 FC600/670 FC1550
Maximum current ( A ) 4,9 7,1 8,2 13,4
Underpressure [kPa]* 21,77 30,73 36,83 32,51
Efficiency [l/s][m3/h]** 54(194) 57(205) 59(212) 102(367)
Suction power [AirWatt]*** 402 520 575 1010
Suction power [AirWatt – EU ] 500 650 700 1100
Tank capacity [l] 13 23 23 23
Weight [ kg] 13 14 15 19
Number of turbine stages 1 2 2 2×2
Max. length of installation 25 40 55 100
House size [m2] 140 400 600 1200
Max. number of slots sucking 3 8 12 24
Warranty [years] 5 5 5 5

* The actual ability of the device

** This parameter applies to the entire unit with filtration

***ASTM recognizes air watts as air power and is defined as “above the floor cleaning potential.”

AirWatt – EU – the estimated value to the companies report without using the ASTM standard