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Central Vacuum Systems

Centralized Vacuum System is an attractive alternative to a conventional portable vacuum cleaner. It can be installed in any recently built or renovated house, as well as in a building people live in already. In each case it has to be acknowledged that in some circumstances you will have to compromise to mount it correctly.

instalacja centralnego odkurzacza

How does a built-in vacuum cleaner work

Central vacuum system installation consists of:

  • a suction unit – called a central vacuum power unit, placed permanently in a garage, a basement or a utility room. This built-in vacuum cleaner is made of a transparent tank that allows for the collection and inspection of sucked-in dirt.
  • a system of 2 inch wide pipes – lodged in walls, floors and technical areas. Their purpose is to transport the absorbed pollution from a suction point to the central unit.
  • suction points – installed throughout the house, in carefully chosen places so that it would be possible to clean the entire area of a house or an apartment. The suction sockets available include many different styles and allow for the installation of Hide-A-Hose, VROOM suction hose or a flexible one.

When deciding on a built-in vacuum cleaner, you should consider the health advantages and your family’s safety. The heating systems and devices installed at your home may harm the residents of the building. They tend to increase the circulation of dust and other allergens. A centralized vacuum system considerably reduces their dissemination and upturns everybody’s comfort.

centralny odkurzacz w Twoim domu



Why is the built-in vacuum system better than the traditional option?

  • No more carrying it up and down the stairs or pulling it behind you,
  • Lightweight hose, typically 9 meters long, much more convenient to use than the short one available in the conventional cleaner (1-2m long),
  • Larger motor installed along the central vacuum power unit allows for a better suction, which means more effective dust collecting,
  • The sucked-in air is filtered and then thrown out of the building. Thanks to that, you do not have to worry about stirring up dust on other surfaces (like it happens with the traditional vacuum cleaner) and its very characteristic odour,
  • The container for the absorbed dust can accommodate 30 litres and more, which means it can last up to 8 months without emptying it.

A traditional vacuum may be light, small, quiet and quite effective at air filtering, but the central vacuum cleaner meets all these conditions as well and even exceeds them. It is not heavy, because its devices are mounted to the walls and no one has to carry them. It is also small, since you do not see the system of piping, but only the attached hose. Generally, you do not need to worry about the noise, as it is heard only in the room where the central vacuum power unit is installed and not in the currently-being-cleaned one. The filtration in the built-in vacuum systems is only necessary for protecting the motor, not the ejected outside air.

However, there is one thing that cannot be compared when it comes to the performance of the centralized vacuum system and a portable one, i.e. their power. Different amounts of electric power are required for running both of these machines and they translate very differently to the costs of the investment and the everyday use. A built-in vacuum system is recommended in particular for people suffering from allergies. The sucked-in dust does not pollute the room, because it is ejected outside the house, therefore it limits the contact a person has with the contaminated substance.

During the process of cleaning, you will not hear the whistle of air being blown out. The only thing you are required to do is to place the gun not more than 30 cm above the ground. The removed air strikes the ground and significantly reduces noise. Equally effective it is to direct the exhaust air to a free ventilation duct in a masonry chimney.

Centralized vacuum cleaner allows you to use many additional features not available for portable systems. An example of such a function is an automatic dustpan, which is mounted to the floor in the kitchen, or vestibule. All you have to do is to sweep the dust, sand or other debris underneath it and then lightly press the foot switch on and pollution will get sucked in to the piping system and then to the tank in your garage or utility room.

Accessories for central vacuum cleaner

Not without significance is also a large number of different accessories that can be purchased – for example, brushes for upholstery, clothing, blinds, computer keyboard, and even to clean animals.

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