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The central Vacuflo True Cyclonic 288

The True Cyclonic vacuum cleaners use a patented method of cyclonic filtration stages CFT ™. It is based on the separation of impurities from the spinning air stream without the use of additional filters and bags impurities.

The units True Cyclonic® there is no phenomenon of decrease in the suction force with the container fills up the impurities. They do not have any, which could clog filters or bags. This also ensures the stability parameters such as efficiency and power of suction, after a few years of use are the same.

Maximum current ( A ) 6,3
Underpressure [kPa]* 25,65
Efficiency [l/s][m3/h]** 54(194)
Suction power [AirWatt]*** 371
Suction power [AirWatt – EU ] 590
Tank capacity [l] 21
Weight [ kg] 14
Number of turbine stages 2
Max. length of installation 25
House size[m2] 280
Max. number of slots sucking 5
Warranty [years] 7

* The actual ability of the device

** This parameter applies to the entire unit with filtration

*** ASTM recognizes air as air watts of power and is defined as “above the floor cleaning potential.”

AirWatt – EU – the estimated value to the companies report without using the ASTM standard


Unit TC 288 is very efficient and takes full advantage of the power of Full Cyclone.

Advantages Unit TC 288:

  • The product has seven years warranty.
  • Also excellent for small and medium-sized homes.
  • The clear tank allows for quick evaluation collected in the contaminants without detaching it.
  • cyclonic filtration without bags and filters pollution.
  • Engine AMETEK ensures quiet and trouble-free operation.
  • Elimination of all allergens, bacteria and viruses in your home.
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