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Filtered Cyclonic units utilize cyclonic filtration and at the same time high-end filter to the secondary filtration. In contrast to other such units, which are based on low-quality fabric filters, the suction force FC units does not decrease with the collection of impurities in the filter. Filter besides ensures a quiet and safe operation, and guarantees catching all problematic allergens, pollen and bacteria, so you can enjoy clean and fresh home without worrying about their children.

MODEL FC600/670
Maximum current ( A ) 8,2
Underpressure [kPa]* 36,83
Efficiency [l/s][m3/h]** 59(212)
Suction power [AirWatt]*** 575
Suction power [AirWatt – EU ] 700
Tank capacity [l] 23
Weight [ kg] 15
Number of turbine stages 2
Max. length of installation 55
House size [m2] 600
Max. number of slots sucking 12
Warranty [years] 5

* The actual ability of the device

** This parameter applies to the entire unit with filtration

***ASTM recognizes air watts as air power and is defined as “above the floor cleaning potential.”

AirWatt – EU – the estimated value to the companies report without using the ASTM standard

The unit FC 670 comes complete with a set of Elite 9m will be able to cope with all the household tasks. There is no way to find the mess which this statement does not give advice. You can be sure that purchasing FC 670 with a set of Elite, your house will be shone purity and friends will envy the perfect choice.

Includes the cleaning Elite Plus are:

  • 9 meter suction hose Elite with vacuum switch and a rotary adjustment ring suction power in the handle and two rotating tips
  • plastic hanger hose
  • metal, chrome-plated telescopic tube
  • brush bi-functional rubber roller
  • brush bristle upholstery
  • DELUXE brush with genuine horsehair
  • brush crevice
  • brush for hard floors 30 cm
  • brush with bristles 35 cm 
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