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There are numerous advantages of using a central vacuum. Firstly, you can finally find vacuuming not only easy, but for some it may also be a relaxing activity. No loud noise will disrupt the cleaning, as the power unit is installed in a convenient place. Secondly, there is no need to drag the cleaner around the house – central vacuum cleaner allows you to carry only a lightweight hose and wand. This makes the whole activity much more convenient.

The biggest advantage of having a central vacuum power unit installed outside the living area is the fact that, contrary to the traditional device, it does not pollute the air with dust and other irritants, which is imperative for people with allergies. Consequently, this solution is a perfect way for a pleasurable, easy, convenient and healthy cleaning. Below you can find our diverse offer. For more information, go to the articles discussing those models in details.

True Cyclonic

TrueCyclonic uses a patented method of cyclonic filtration stages CFT. Due to this innovative solution, pollutants are separated from the air stream, which results in decreased need for cleaning the container.


Vacuflo MAXAIR does not need additional filters to separate dust and dirt. Additionally, the transparent container makes it much easier to know when it should be emptied. There is also 7 year warranty.

Vroom power unit

Vroom is a model that uses modern and effective solutions, such as CFT and EcoClean. This central vacuum power unit is a convenient, efficient and an extremely practical way to keep your house free from dirt.

Filtered Cyclonic

VACUFLO Filtered Cyclonic is a vacuum cleaner that uses two stages of filtration. With the use of CFT, it isolates up to 98% of pollution and the remaining 2-4% is dealt with by a cartridge filter.

Effectiveness, safety and innovation

The devices that we offer has been thoroughly examined in order to make sure that our clients are offered only the best quality, effective solutions. We are certain that the products are well-developed and reliable, so we also offer warranty for all of them. Low noise, high quality and convenience make central vacuum power units one of the best available solutions for every house.


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